Sunday, November 12, 2006


I had the responsibility this weekend to MC the service at church while we had a guest speaker. Sy Rogers was our keynote speaker for Sunday's service, which was awesome, by the way, and I was privileged to introduce him.

When Sy wrapped up, I plugged his resource table by saying that I've benefited from his his materials and that they were "information-able".

Information-able. Nice.

As I walked off the stage, hoping no one noticed my little word invention, I could hear a couple of guys chuckling under their breath and repeating my new-fangled word to each other.


I was met by someone our staff that told me my closing was very information-able. "Nice job," he grinned.

I really should write down what I'm going to speech-ify. That would be much wise-ment.

George W. isn't the only word invent-able Republican.

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