Monday, November 13, 2006

How to Fail in Ministry: Be a rock star

In seventh grade I wanted to be Paul Stanley of KISS.

In Tenth grade I wanted to be Ted Nugent.

Rob Halford of Judas Priest was my guy when I was a senior in high school. (Yes, I know he's come out of the closet and takes part in Gay Pride Day in Pheonix, Arizona, now, but back then, I didn't know my heroes were some day going out themselves. I guess the leather should have been a small indication, but what did I know? I grew up North of San Francisco where everyone wore leather and little cop hats.)

After Halford, when I had a regulation haircut and wore our nation's uniform, I wanted to be gigilo, David Lee Roth.

After I got out of the service, through a series of events and life circumstances, I met Jesus and became one of His followers. The desire to be the man that drew all eyes went away... for awhile. But then, I wanted to be Super Pastor.

Like David Lee Roth, Ted Nugent, Paul Stanley, or many a TV Preacher, I want to strut. I crave center stage. I need all eyes on me.

But for some reason, super preachers don't simply fade from the scene and end up on classic rock FM stations to quietly live out their days in cable raio obscurity; they crash and burn. All eyes are definitely on them then.

When I want to attract more attention to me than to Jesus, I need to learn from John Lennon's immortal words: "We're bigger than Jesus now."


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Jennifer said...

Great post! Loved it!