Sunday, October 22, 2006

When Your Blog CROSSES the Line

I've heard of people getting canned from their jobs for posts that embarrass the boss, but this UN "diplomat" got kicked out of a whole country because of his blog:

Sudan’s action against him was apparently provoked by an entry he made in his personal blog — — last weekend that said Sudan’s armed forces had suffered two major defeats with extensive casualties against rebels in Darfur in the past six weeks. He also reported that generals had been cashiered, that morale had sunk and that the government had collaborated with the feared Janjaweed Arab militias, which are held responsible for pillaging villages and killing and raping their residents.

The Sudanese armed forces on Thursday cited the blog entry in calling Mr. Pronk a threat to national security and asking that he be expelled. (SOURCE)

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Unknown said...

Damn! I 've got to be careful!...just kidding!those guys are mad