Saturday, October 28, 2006

Today's Run

This morning, Billy and I started our 15 mile run at 5:00am from the Chucky Cheese parking lot in North Stuart. It was rainy and muggy, but only 75 degrees. Neither one of us was feeling very strong and we only ran 13.32 miles. That's only half the distance of the marathon we're training for.

run time: 2 hours 8 minutes 48 seconds
average pace: 9 minutes 40 seconds per mile (we need to bring this time down)
best pace: 5 minutes 59 seconds (on the downhill side of the bridge crossing over from Sewell's Point; we wimpily walked the uphill side - my bright idea)
calories burned: 1638 (which means I can eat a ton today, right?)

Next long run: Friday morning; only eleven miles. Sweet!

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