Monday, October 23, 2006

New Blog Mag

I subscribe to these guys blogs and read just about every post. They definitely capable of more posts than I have "witty" comments. I can't keep up.

What I don't get is how these guys have the time to post so much, collaborate on a slick/hip lookin' blog/mag/launch, and do youth ministry. Do they sleep? Do they eat?

Los_bio_imageName: Carlos Whittaker (a.k.a. Los) is the worship leader at Sandals Church in Riverside, California. He is the husband of Heather and the proud papa of two beautiful little girls. Los also host's his own extremely popular personal blog, Ragamuffin Soul. RS also boasts a freakin sweet weekly podcast, and three worth while posts per day.

Db_bio_imag Name:Dustin Bryson (a.k.a. Dusty Leggs) is the youth pastor at Eastgate in Panama City, Florida. He is the lucky husband of Leah, and the proud owner of a Dwight Shrute Bobble Head.

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