Thursday, September 28, 2006

Compeans of Kenya

My close friend, Ed Compean and family are Shepherd Staff missionaries in Kenya. Ed keeps prayer and financial supporters in the loop with at least a weekly update. This was a special note I received recently that blessed me and made me jealous that he gets to serve God in an incredibly radical way in an amazing place...


This weekend I enjoyed a incredible experience that I think this group would
be blessed to hear of.

I was on hike with the Boy Scouts and absolutely in awe of the zebra,
gazelle, warthogs, élan and ostrich all around us. More impressive than the creation all around us was the Creator several of us father's chat
ted about as we walked. Maybe Michael can identify with having a Psalm 19 experience walking through the Himalayas. Anyhow, these fathers are not just business men or average guys, but SIL directors, missionary doctors and people that have spent serious time seriously enjoying God in the bush of Africa. One evacuated from Congo with his family the day before his village was wiped out, many personally remember the embassy bombing in Nairobi and all are currently doing something radical in the kingdom.

As we walked a doctor commented how much he was going to enjoy heaven. He wanted to see the results of some of the eye surgeries he has done. He was commenting because he never sees most of his patients after surgery is complete, but he hears reports that people are being reached through the work. The doctor went on to say how he looks forward to getting to know those people better and hearing how the encounter God allowed on earth impacted eternity.

This stimulated conversation among our group of how enjoyable heaven will be
and yet how there is
a modern ethos that paradise and face to face fellowship with God will be boring. As we walked, avoiding warthog dung along the way, the conversation continued. I could go into details, but I wanted to share the joy of looking forward to perfect relationship with God and man.


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