Friday, August 04, 2006

Über Christ Follower Larry Taylor

I enrolled in Calvary Chapel Bible College in the summer of 1993 at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale. Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale was a video venue for CCBC when the campus was up in Twin Peaks, California. This was long before “video” and “venue” were ever used in the same sentence. I like to think we were doing video venue before video venues were cool.

It was a pretty crazy time in my life to be going to school. I enrolled in two classes a semester as well as listened to Chuck Smith teach through the Bible on cassette. I worked fifty hours a week delivering five gallon water bottles for Deer Park (later Zephyrhills) Water Company, teaching high schoolers at church during the first Sunday morning service and running sound at the second and evening services. And I was a husband and dad with two little kids.

That was an insane time. But for some reason, taking those courses with that crazy schedule really forced me to focus on my studies. I didn’t have time to prepare something else for the high schoolers I taught, so I used the notes from Bible College

My most influential teacher was Dr. Larry Taylor. He challenged me and took me into depths of the scripture that I never even knew could be tapped. He gave me Bible knowledge, but not so I could be right; so I could pastor and love the flock of God. Every bit of Bible information he gave demonstrated that God drew me into a relationship with Jesus Christ with bands of irresistible love.

My path has crossed with men and women literally all over the world (Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, and even California) that were Dr. Taylor’s students. Now they are schooling and loving people into a deeper relationship with Christ.


Anonymous said...

I took his Romans class via videotape, I was incredibly blessed by it.

Unknown said...

So so true. I was at twin peaks in 1995. I thank God to this day for the founation that he laid in my life there though dr. Taylor. Taught three hr. Revelation and Daniel classes without looking at a single note. He was an amazing teacher.