Friday, July 28, 2006

Thursday Afternoon Session with David Dahlin

Thursday Afternoon Session with David Dahlin
Senior Vic President and Chief Operating Officer

“I want to talk to you as insiders,” Dahlin said. And he began to candidly share a 10 year history of where the ministry has been and Compassion’s vision of ministry for the next ten years.

Child Survival Program.
Compassion has started initiatives where they are working with children in the womb. Historically, they didn’t become involved with children until they were five or six years old. They want to minister to children and their families as early as possible. When a single woman finds herself pregnant in impoverished countries, she doesn’t consider abortion; she considers suicide.

Child Sponsorship.
This is what Compassion is known for: sponsoring marginalized children from early ages on up through twenty-two years old.
“It takes a childhood to develop a child,” Said David Dahlin.

Leadership Development Program.
Educating, developing, and training servant leaders. Children with leadership potential coming up in this ministry turn around and serve their communities, fervently. They understand grinding poverty and being rescued from its evil grasp.

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