Friday, June 09, 2006

Is a Twelve Step Program Needed for Bloggers?

I was reading a book I picked up at Barnes & Nobles today: Blogosphere: Best of Blogs and copied the following from page 293 into this post:

This is where blogger addiction or burnout kick in. Everyone jokes about blogger burnout, but its real, if not taken seriously. Symptoms may include
  • Complulsion to post several times a day
  • Conduct all social interactions online with new blog friends
  • Realization that you live most of the time in your head, thinking of new, fresh material for your blog
  • Spend most of your work hours surfing the Web or working on our blog, failing to effectively manage your time
  • Start engaging in fueds with annoying people who leave comments on a regular basis or pick fights with fellow bloggers
  • Obsessively check your site visit statistics, comments, or trackback pings
  • Resentful feelings for your blog, which results in posts that grow increasingly bitter, cryptic, or hostile

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