Monday, June 26, 2006

Grandpa Mondok

I used to think of Grandpa Mondok as my dad's dad. He passed away before I was one. Then, we used to refer to my dad as "Grandpa Mondok". Now I'm Grandpa Mondok.

Charity had little Ali Rae this morning at 11:39. Charity was such a trooper. I was so proud of her.

Below are a bunch of pictures I uploaded straight to my blog from the hospital via my cell phone. Ali was only a few minutes old when I took these.

6 pounds, 15 oz.
19 inches
born 11:39am; 26 June 2006
West Palm Beach, FL


Anonymous said...


Mike West said...

Congrats!!! Answered prayer for sure. Tell us the stories about the good ole days Grandpa...

Ashley Self said...


CONGRATULATIONS! New Life is a beautiful thing and so is little Ali! It's been months since I've checked out your blog and lo and behold I caught it on a very special day to you! Blessings to you, Charity and your entire family!


Ashley Self said...
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Anonymous said...

Congrats to all! What a beautiful baby.

Anonymous said...

Ali is a beautiful, precious blessing! You and Susan will be fabulous grandparents!