Saturday, May 27, 2006

Morning Off

“Come over here, sit down, and have some coffee with me. Get off your computer,” said the charming and beautiful Susan this morning as I checked my email. "It’s your day off."

“That’s Dad’s ‘virtual life,’” said Aaron, my seventeen year old. “I bet he wishes you were his ‘virtual wife,’ Mom. Dad could pause, play, or mute you. Wouldn’t that be cool, Dad?”

“Hon, what would you like in your coffee?” I know better to even acknowledge that statement. The boy was trying to set me up.

He has a couple of skateboards that he brought into the house after he cleaned his car. “Dad, you want to try out my long board?”

“Yeah, man.”

My wife just rolled her eyes. “I have to take a shower before I take the dog to the vet. I don’t have time for a trip to the emergency room.”

“Who do you think taught this boy to skate? Me, that’s who. I got it under control!”

What do you think is more fragile: my body or my ego?

So the boy and I rode skate boards this morning for about an hour. My neighbors thought that was pretty humorous. But we had a great time. This is the kind of father and son kind of stuff we’ve done Aaron’s whole life.

As I think back, we’ve taught our kids just about everything they know how to do. We home schooled them so we taught them to read and write. We’ve taught them to pray, to read the Bible, and keep a journal. We’ve taught them how to run, climb trees, swim, bicycle and fight. I’ve taught them how to shoot and how to drive. My son and daughter have been by my side in ministry both near and far.

I have only a short time before this boy is a man and is up and out. I’ll take whatever time he gives me and pray I can keep up.

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Chris Goeppner said...

i love your boy!