Friday, April 07, 2006

Shooting Our Wounded

Earlier today I read an interview with Brian McLaren and blogged about how much I enjoyed the article. In the article, the interviewer asked McLaren, "What kind of questions should young church leaders be asking as they minister in the twenty-first century?"

One of McLaren's answers to this question was "How do we make real disciples? Why are so many of our church members mean spirited?"

Well today I had some time to just hang around on the couch and surf through blog-land. I did a search to find out if anyone from my hometown of Eureka, CA, was blogging about anything interesting. I found a link to the following MP3 files in an article named A Pastor Is Fired.

The recording is of a meeting that takes place and sounds rather boring; like a church committee meeting. But the drama is incredible. In my opinion, the pastor was railroaded.

The MP3's take a minute or two to download because they're pretty big files. The quickest thing to do is to right-click on each link (there are three files), select "save target as", then save each file to your desktop. Then you can double click the file and listen to it on your computer's media player.

1. Introduction
2. Grievances
3. Endvote

The whole thing takes a while to listen to. But I think that once you start, you'll have to finish.

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