Saturday, April 22, 2006

Über Christ Followers – Part 18 – Archie Valerio

The first time Archie met me, I pulled into the driveway on my 1983 Suzuki 750 with his daughter on the back. I was sporting an earring in my left ear, a tank top, and tattoos.

The second time he saw me I was sitting in the back of a police car vandalized by me. I was jammed into the cruiser by five or six cops in a pretty foul mood.

The third time Archie saw me was in church, giving my life to the Lord. His wife and daughter prayed me into the kingdom. He and his wife, Dot, were the counselors assigned to new believers the day I stood up for Christ in church.

That was twenty years ago in Margate, Florida. Archie immediately took me under his wing, made his home available as a refuge, and showed me what it meant to be a Christian and a man.

Several months after that, I married his daughter, Susan. Since then, he has showed me how to be a husband and a father.

Archie always assured me that God would do big things in my life. He’s one of the few people in my life that knew me both before and after Christ transformed my life. It pleases me to know that he’s proud of me.

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