Friday, March 31, 2006

Cane and dis-Able

I found this article online about senior citizens being trained to defend against attackers with a cane. I like to call it "cane-fu". Check it out:

A swift cane to the groin keeps thugs at bay.

A couple dozen residents of the Seville retirement home in Orem gathered for an hour-long "Combat Cane" self-defense class Saturday afternoon.

Any senior with a cane also has a weapon against thugs and muggers, said Rod Carmichael, physical therapist and self-defense enthusiast who teaches Combat Cane classes across Utah.

The key is to strike decisively the first time.

A sturdy cane with a shepherd's crook is preferable because it can be used not only to strike but to grapple, pulling a neck or a knee to throw an assailant off balance, he said.

"I can use any part of this for self defense," he said, holding up such a cane. "If you have a straight cane, a staff, you have two poking ends. If it's got a flat end, it's a striking cane."

Over and over, Carmichael told those gathered that a strike to the groin is their best defense.

"There are vital targets on the body that are easily damaged," he said. "The groin is one. Strike the groin whenever you can with whatever you can -- your cane, your knee or your fist."

"What is another delicate area?" Carmichael called out to the audience.

"Eyes," shouted a resident without missing a beat.

"Very good," said Carmichael. "Martial artist Bruce Lee was once asked if he could only do one punch in a fight, what would it be, and he said poke out the eyes."

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