Friday, March 17, 2006

Book Review: Recapture the Wonder by Ravi Zacharias

I just feel smart when I read anything by Ravi. I listen to his podcast a couple of times a week, too. Than man always gives you something to chew on.

I just finished reading '>Recapture the Wonder. When we were children, so many things made us say, "Wow! What makes that happen?" But as we grow older and smarter and more and more cynical, the things that "wow" us become more scarce.

Zacharias challenges the believer to develop an increased appetite for the things of God and His Word. "Wonder enriches you when you take the time to reflect and to ponder the greatness of our faith in Jesus Christ," writes Zacharias.

Here are some other great quotes from the book:

"Thinking is a dying disciplines in a society that throbs with activity."

"If a follower of Jesus does not mature in his or her reading, the church could end up running the biggest nursery in the world."

"The one possessing the wealth must know its real value if the possession is to bring wonder."

"Physicality and sensuality are not one and the same, and when they are made identical, the reduction is fatal to the senses."


m brunjes said...

Ravi is the man. Is he one of the best Christian thinkers of our time, or maybe any time.

dogfreid said...

The nursery quote is spot on.

The anti-intellectual movement among evangelicals today is frightening.