Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Baffling Valentine

Here's the scenario: Your darling and you are having a conversation about how commercial the holidays are. You're tightening your belt and your budget as Christmas credit card bills roll in. And Valentines Day rolls in right behind the bills.

It's mandatory that you make another purchase. You must shop. You must head to the mall and plow through more crowds of desperate, last-minute shoppers. The line at Brighton's, or Macy's, or Hoffmann Chocolates, or Victoria's Secret is your destiny.

So when your wife says, "Honey, you don't have to get me anything. Valentine's Day is just another commercial holiday." Are you off the hook?

Well, are you?

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Anonymous said...

If everyone else is doing it then you must too...unless you relocate to an area of th Earth that does not keep track of the date you will always be expected to honor the specific holiday/event with a gift...sometimes a rather expensive gift! Just think...many years ago giving someone livestock was considered a good gift...now people want the H2 Hummer with a red bow on it...and don't forget about that hefty 5 year car payment that comes with that.