Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Idaho Goes Soft on Slaughter

If you're a cow at a slaughter house in Salmon, Idaho (a red state), and you are fortunate enough to make it over the fence after you hear, "dead cow walking," you go free.

What is this country coming to? Next, we'll be offering cows free cable TV. We're headed down a slippery slope, my friends. It won't be long before the cows will be slaughtering the butchers. Mark my words.

Molly the escaped cow will be sipping Cappucino in Seattle or grazing green pastures in Montana for many years to come.

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Bryonm said...

You're right. Skinny, malnourished cows will be wandering into the roadways and being run over by Mac trucks and Honda Civics (totalling those of course). We'll be forced into taking action.