Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid "Stupid Test"

'TheRemember, back in school, when you said, "this is stupid! Why do I have to learn this junk? I'll never use this in life." Well, if you can recall those answers, then you'll do well on the "stupid test".

I've been taking a pile of computer generated and corrected tests. The last one I took tells the world how nerdy or cool I am compared to you. I also was forced to do the DISC personality test recently at work.

As I write this, my wife is taking the stupid test. She's reading me the questions. Boy am I stupid. As she reads the questions I'm now figuring out incredibly stupid I am for answering these stupid questions so stupidly. Some of the questions she's answering stupidly, too, so I don't feel so degraded.

It's strange that I care what a computer says about me. My wife turned out to be less stupid than me. Like I need a computer and a stupid test to tell me that.

1 comment:

Jeff T. said...

You can't even come close to my stupidity, you're not smart enough. I scored a freakin' 78!