Saturday, December 24, 2005

Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared

"No knives!"

That was my number one rule when I was a youth pastor. When I took the kids on outings, I'd go through their backpacks and suitcases to make sure they had no weapons. I found these pictures of this young Boy Scout on the Drudge Report. They illustrate why I didn't let kids take knives.

You'd be amazed to see the twisted games kids invent with knives, fireworks, and duct tape once away from the watchful eye of their mommies. At a gas station in Georgia, a kid send a bottle rocket he just purchased under a car being topped off. One mentally gifted kid on a Mexico mission trip created a duct tape cat-o'-nine-tails and broke it in over the bare backs of his cabin mates. And then, my own son chucked a football at my daughter while she was cleaning her nails with a switchblade. She stabbed herself in the thigh. We were in the African Bush (where switchblades are legal and available - unlike good medical care) when this little mishap occured.

The poor kid in the photos was the victim of a Boy Scout leader flinging a knife from his hands in an attempt to save another boy that was tripping. Remember when society's biggest fear were homosexual Scout Masters? What about the accident prone ones?

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