Saturday, December 31, 2005

Back From Vacation

We took a ride up to Asheville, N.C., on Christmas Day to spend some time with the in-laws. This is the first time we've had the kids in our Buick in a few years. The last few trips were taken in a conversion van that we parted with a few months ago. Our kids no longer fit in our mid-size four door sedan. Both Charity and Aaron have driver's licenses now, so we were able to share the driving on the eleven hour trip. That was cool. And rotating drivers gave everyone a chance to uncramp their legs. Everyone except the beautiful and charming Susan. She was stuck with a twenty-five pound Pomeranian on her lap. But she loves that dog. I pretty much hate him.

We had some great family time together. We all relaxed, went out to eat, and saw a couple of movies. King Kong was very cool, but really long. I had two big sodas before the flick and couldn't find a good chance to go pee because the action was non-stop when my urge was the worst. Just thought I'd share that. We also caught Walk the Line. I made the same mistake with the drink in this movie but there was more drama and less action in this movie so getting away was a little easier. Good news, huh?

When on vacation, I give my brain a break and read for liesure. I read about five novels a year, and this week a read a killer one if you like the "kill all the bad guys" genre like me. I've read every book by Vince Flynn. Hos latest book is called Consent to Kill. It's about a deep cover, black ops, CIA, shoot-em-up, bad motor scooter sent in to take down the radical terrorists on their on territory.

For those interested, there are some photos I took with my phone...

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