Monday, October 17, 2005

Millionaires Row

The beautiful and charming Susan and I recently caught the Island Queen cruise along Millionaires Row in Biscayne Bay. We watched this amazing sunset as a tropical breeze blew. The temperature and humidity here is starting to drop reminding us that soon a severe Florida winter will be upon us plunging tempratures into the seventies. I remember why we live here: we have greatest winter weather on the planet.

The cruise took us by the homes of multi-zillionaires. My buddy, Jason, said it was a lesson in covetousness. The homes on Biscayne Bay are palatial spreads owned by Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O’Neal, P. Diddy, and Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines. We saw a house once owned by Al Capone. We spied a bobble-head likeness of Shaquille O’Neal on Shaq's boat dock. The tour guide had a handful of tongue-in-cheek comments to make about many of these mansion’s residents. These famous folks live very public lives and are easy targets for our jokes.

I was glad to be there with my wife and good friends. We joked, we watched fireworks together, and we and shared a mouth-watering feast. This is the life the rich and famous probably covet. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Anonymous said...

Must be nice! I wish kelli & I could take a ride on the love boat!
Did you go to Miami Ink tattoo shop while you were down there?

Bryonm said...

Bob: I gotta get it in my pile. As a matter of fact, Dan and I were talking about that just today. I'm lokking forward to reading it...