Thursday, October 20, 2005

Über Christ Followers – Part 2 – Chris Goeppner

“Got your back, bro’.” Chris Goeppner declares these words often. I rest assured. He does have my back. He never leaves me exposed.

My first meeting with Chris, he walked up not offering a hand to shake. He offered a huge smile with arms wide open, saying, “Gimme some love.” He’s a big guy. Lovable. How could I not give him some love? I’m not much of a hugger and I’m not especially huggable. But when I’m around Chris, I know I’m loved.

Chris has taught me to love people. All people. Everyone matters to Chris. Anyone that spends time with Chris knows that he/she is loved and that he/she matters.

Chris lives to exist in community with other believers. This attitude takes whatever he does in ministry to the next level. I went into the mission field for a short time a few years ago and turned student ministry at Calvary Chapel Jupiter over to him. In less than a year, the ministry had doubled. Not just because Chris is hip and appealing to young people (he is, though, because God made him that way), but because he loves. Those who partner with Chris in ministry as leaders know they matter and the students know they matter. Chris and his student ministry leaders spend time in all the middle and high schools in our region of the county and through Chris know that God loves them. They give Chris the green light to talk to them about Jesus.

In public school.

Chris is an Über Student Pastor.

Here’s what matters most to me: Chris is a mentor to my sixteen year old son and pastor to my eighteen year old daughter. He loves my kids. Love my lids and I’ll love you.


Joshua Sargent said...

Just found your blog. Blog on!

Jeff T. said...

Much love to "G" - he's the guy who reminds us all why we're in ministry: to love people.

Anonymous said...

CG rocks!

m brunjes said...

Nice Blog. Due to the recent rash of blogs I found of people I know I decided to try my hand at it again. I'll comment on yours if you comment on mine. O and i linked you.

m brunjes said...

I need to watch that video. That is danny's band. you like?