Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interview with N.T. Wright - Responding to Piper on Justification « Kingdom People

image Trevin Wax posted this interview with N.T. Wright. Anybody that desires to have an intelligent conversation about current conversations in theology needs to be aware of Wright's work. I've become quite the Wright fanboy, I must admit. (The other day it was one of Wright's books I was carrying when I needed something for Megan Kelly to sign.)

In this interview, Wax gives Wright (too many "W's" around here but please continue wreading) the opportunity to respond to Piper's recent book calling Wright on the carpet for his treatment of the Reformed view of the Doctrine of Justification. (See my review of Piper's book here.)

This is the most intelligent theological debate being had in the public arena.

If you're curious about where to start when reading Wright, try Simply Christian then Surprised by Hope. If you're going to pick up the Piper book mentioned in the interview, wait until after you read Wright's otherwise you won't have a clue about what Piper is saying and you'll side with Piper and the jaws of the Reformed bear trap will be sprung and you'll have to chew your leg off in order to ever think clearly again.

Interview with N.T. Wright - Responding to Piper on Justification « Kingdom People

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Anonymous said...

wow. the reformed bear trap....I like that. haha. I think that Piper's view on justification however, is not just a reformed view on justification. It's pretty mainstream. Wright is the one that is swimming away from everyone else...not a reformed guy this time. :)

Bryon Mondok said...

it is much easier for wright to break with traditional views since he's not working from within the tradition like so many in the so called 'mainstream'...

Luke Gilkerson said...

Thanks for the link. This is a topic I'm trying to stay informed about. Not sure what I think yet, but its great to watch two powerhouse speakers and Christian leaders dialog about this issue.

Bryon Mondok said...

If you're familiar with Piper, become familiar with Wright. No matter what people are saying, you don't really have to choose a side. They are both gifted men given by God for the edification of the Body of Christ.