Saturday, June 16, 2007

Are We There Yet?

We've officially arrived at Wit's End. For the past couple of days Ali's g-tube has rubbed raw spots on the inside and outside of her stomach. She's been inconsolable. We even had to break out the baby "downers" to take the edge off of her pain, but she just fought the drowsiness tooth and nail until finally exhausted. That was yesterday and this morning. We spoke to the doctor and he had us run to the pharmacy for some Mylanta. Susan filled a syringe halfway, shot the milky stuff into Ali's tube and, PRESTO, we have a new baby. Her little burps fill the room with a minty smelling cloud.

A few things happen when you finally get to Wit's End:
  1. When your loving spouse offers a good suggestion or offers help, you reward her with a dirty look and rolled eyes.
  2. You play the blame game.
  3. Thinking about the future depresses you.
  4. Overwhelming desire to wring someone's neck
  5. followed by plenty of guilt to wallow in for awhile.
  6. Exasperated sighing.
  7. Finally, prayer (this should be moved to the front of the line) for the little one who never asked for this to happen to her.
The charming and beautiful Susan took a few moments to research Shaken Baby Syndrome online. This article at KidsHealth.Org was quite interesting because it's so alarming. It's alarming because Ali is a textbook case.


Vicki Small said...

Omigosh. I'll have to wait to read the article. The word "alarming" tells me I'm almost certain to cry, when I read it. But I will. Later.

luann said...

I was praying for you and Susan this morning. Your lives have really changed over the past few months. I pray that He will give you patience to deal with change, grace to deal with difficulty, and love that fills your hearts with joy.
Thanks for sharing the good and the bad with your readers. It's refreshing to see someone so transparent with their faith, their relationships, and their everydayness.

Bryon Mondok said...

Thanks, Luann...

Vicki: the article is very educational...

Jody said...

Hey, Bryon and Susan ~
Thanks for the honesty. That list is all to familiar to those of us who have been at Wit's End before! You're right about #7! It usually takes my kids reminding me... shouldn't we stop and pray about this, Mom??!! Out of the mouths of babes....
The article got me fired up to pray! The enemy would love to see us embrace that list of long-term effects of SBS. However, I believe that God has just unveiled for me some very specific things to be praying for Ali Rae! So, I am praying that Ali has the opposite of everything on that list... that HE who turned water into wine turns the curse of SBS into a multitude of blessings and miracles for Ali. We are all in this battle together. While you and Susan are meeting Ali's daily needs and pouring your energy into caring for her, we at home can all pour our energy into praying and declaring God's Word over this child and the situation! Your honesty and sharing on this blog help encourage us to not grow weary in our prayer efforts but to press on and press in and pray without ceasing. Every time Ali comes to mind we can all lift her up to HIM. God is ABLE to do FAR MORE than we could ask, think or imagine. I'm believing God! Thanks for the article... I am typing out a list of opposite effects to post on the fridge and I'll email one to you too! We serve a BIG GOD!
Love you guys,

Bryon Mondok said...

I'm looking forward to the list...

Vicki Small said...

Jody or Bryon, could one of you please share the list with the rest of us? That would be great, and Bryon, I could post it on my blog, if you say okay.

Bryon Mondok said...

jody's list:

...perfect eyes, to see physically and spiritual eyes to see what many others miss
...perfect hearing, to hear others and more importantly to hear her Father's voice
...perfect peace; she will be still and know that He is her God
...developmental miracles!
...a keen intellect
...giftings in the areas of speech and learning
...a teachable personality
...giftings beyond what we can imagine
...a body that moves gracefully and is able to do everything she was created in Christ Jesus to do

Anonymous said...

Hey there blog'n Bryon & Susan

I know Ali will be turning "1" the end of this month. Is there a P.O. Box where I can send a BIRTHDAY present to the Princess?

Kathy Marks

Vicki Small said...

Thanks so much for sharing Jody's list. I'll share it through my blog.

"Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven" (Matt. 18:19).