Friday, March 20, 2009

Bobby Michaels Update

This came in from Rachel this afternoon...

Hello Friends & Prayer Warriors,

We heard from Jim McCandliss this afternoon (Friday EST).  He shared how it’s been beyond amazing to see the affect of how everyone's encouraging messages of love and prayers have kept my parent’s hearts buoyed up.  Many times during the day their eyes welled up with tears as they'd read a text message or heard someone praying for them over the phone.  The Holy Spirit was definitely in the hospital room and engulfed all of them with His peace and calm quietness.  I have also given them many of the messages that have been sent or phone calls that I have rec’d.  Mom and I got to cry together on the phone this morning as we have all been SO humbled by the love and support shown our family during this time – THANK YOU! J

This morning talking to Mom and Jim McCandliss, they shared that my parent’s would be Medi-Evac’ed (ICU with wings) to Bangkok, Thailand later today as there would be better Doctors and a much better hospital.  At about 10:15 Friday night their time (11:15 am EST), my parents departed from the Phnom Penh hospital along with the Medi-Evac medical team for the 90 minute flight to Bangkok.  They expected to be seen by the medical staff when they arrived and hopefully we'll have more to report in the next few days.

For now their prayer request are for the following:

  1. That the medical team will be able to accurately identify the exact nature of Bobby's condition.
  2. That an effective treatment plan be implemented
  3. That Lee be encouraged and supported as she stands along her husband's side waiting for the expected improvement in Bobby's health.  We've been told that the anticipated treatment will not be an "overnight wonder" were he jumps out of bed in a couple of days.  The Lord could certainly make this a reality and we are praying that it is so...but the Docs are setting the expectations much lower, saying he could be in the hospital 1-2 weeks before he's well enough to fly back home.
  4. That Cheryl and Jim will be able to get to Bangkok as soon as possible.  They are to fly to Singapore on Saturday morning with the extra luggage that couldn’t go to Bangkok.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our family during this time of need!  We truly do appreciate it!  Thanks also for ALL of the messages and phone calls!  Sorry if we haven’t been able to respond to all of them personally yet!

Lots of love to each of you, from all of us!

Rachel & Dian and Jeff & Phoebe (their kids)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I've been praying and will keep everyone in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I was just getting ready to get on the phone again. Chip

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