Thursday, January 24, 2008

Play is Work

Allie is not a big fan of the paparazzi - but she does love the grandpaparazzi.

I brought a camera to her occupational/physical therapy appointment today. I wanted you to see the work Rena is doing with her. Rena sits with Allie to help her learn to use her hands.

One of Allie's biggest challenges is that her muscles are so tight that it hurts to stretch her hands out which, in turn, limits how much she'll learn to use them. Rena has helped Allie regain an huge portion of her motor skills and Rena is teaching us what to do with Allie at home to keep her limber and exploring the world around her through touch.

Pictured here on this swingie thingie is Melissa the therapist transplant from California. She's tough and will not let Allie turn in to a good-for-nothin' slacker I'm here to tell ya. She works and challenges Allie and Allie, even though she registers complaints, loves Melessa. They've built an instant rapport with one another. As you can see, Melissa trust Allie enough to let her drive that thing hanging from the ceiling.

Here Allie is catching some serious air. No doubt Allie will be a stunt car driver or sky diver or rodeo star.

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Anonymous said...

What a brave and precious little girl!

I returned last night from a Leadership Conference at Compassion's GMC. While I was there, I kept looking at one large photo of a little boy, and thinking, "I'm looking into the very face of God!" Not because God is a child, but because He made them (and us, of course) in His own image. But they haven't, usually, built huge fortresses around themselves or marred His image by rough living.