Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Left Turn in Albuquerque

I'm having a great time with some bro's in Albuquerque. We're planning and mapping out what we're going to do to raise awareness about Shepherd's Staff specifically and missions in general within Calvary Chapels. A few really cool guys have come on board to help represent the ministry and regional pastors' conferences around the country. I'll cover from Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Northern Nevada. We've also scheduled missionary training at our facility in Mexico in late July. I'm pretty excited about 2008.

One of the guys I met is lead pastor of the Calvary Chapel in Uncasville, Connecticut. I enjoyed hanging out and talking to Joe. Conversation with him is thought provoking. Check out his blog.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bryon,

I’ve heard Joe speak before and went to a couple of concerts there. It was back in the 80’s but I did find the artists listed on their guest list. They were a long drive from where I lived, all back roads so I attended a local church that I could get plugged into but great pastor and church. Cool to hear that you’ve hooked up with him.


Bryonm said...

Great to hear form you, bro.

Yeah, Joe is the man. Easy to talk to and super intelligent.

Greet your family for me...