Friday, May 25, 2007

sometimes, it feels good... sometimes, not so good

This is a picture of Ali being massaged in a crawling position. She is so relaxed. This is typically how Ali responds to the therapy. She just relaxes and enjoys the special attention her little body gets from these two pair of hands.

Pictured to the right is Ali not no comfortable. As you can see, they are doing some work on her arm with it stretched a little bit behind her. The muscles Ali will use to crawl need strengthening. During the coma, Ali held her arms tightly aainst her body, muscles tense. Now, Ali's arms must be stretched and prepared for crawling.

Ali is no longer happy about today's work out. No pain, no gain.

Last week, therapists thought they were going to have to put splints on Ali's arms to help her to straighten them. That never happenned because over the weekend, Ali started stretching her arms by herself as I was held her and the beautiful and charming Susan massaged Ali's arms and played with her little fingers. So Ali is progressing beyond expectations.

I feel sorry for the little booger. Not only is she getting an extreme workout, but she just cut two new teeth and has three more pushing through the gums. Poor kid!

So here's something to pray about: on Tuesday we have another family planning meeting with California Child Protective Services. Our goal is to get custody of Ali. Child Protective Services has to grant that. Hospital staff, my daughter Charity (Ali's mommy), the beautiful and charming Susan, and state social workers handling Ali's case will all be at the meeting. My sister and I will attend via phone link. Please pray that the Lord gives us favor and that the outcome of this meeting will be that Ali is released into our hands when discharged from the hospital. I praise God that everyone listed above is incredibly focused on Ali's well being and continued recovery. So far, the hospital staff, both doctors and nurses, have noted remarkable improvement in Ali due to the constant presence and loving care provided by the charming and beautiful Susan. But the hospital staff doesn't have the power to grant custody. They can only influence the decision that ultimately the state has the power to make. We've seen the Lord really move in this situation and we're praying that He guides hearts and grants wisdom and delivers Ali into our care.

The moment I know that we get to take Ali, Aaron and I will load up in the car and head out to Northern California where Ali and Susan will stay with my sister until we're approved to bring her back to Florida. So pray for that process as well.

Below is the view out Ali's window. This view looks down Sacramento Street toward the Pacific Ocean. Notice the fog rolling in.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bryon & Susan,

Stacy and I continue to lift up all of you in our prayers... especially Ali and the meeting on Tuesday.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

We're so blessed to see God's work in Ali's remarkable recovery. We know that He who began the good work will complete it, and that the meeting Tuesday will go well. Ali and you guys remain at the top of our prayer list.

Bob and Dorinda

Anonymous said...

It's just amazing how little Ali stays a step ahead of the doctors' predictions...unless you know our Father. He is so good!

Speaking of fathers, do you know, and are you allowed to say, what's going on with Ali's father? As incredibly nosey as that sounds, I really am wondering how God is working in his life, too.

Anonymous said...

Sartor Family said...
We Thank God for Ali's amazing recovery and keep praying for all of you!

Chris Goeppner said...

prayers for that little one and the fam.

Mike West said...

gotcha in prayer.
Mike & Mary West

Anonymous said...

thank you for the updates. ali continues to be in our prayers. will be praying for your meeting on tuesday. isn't God incredible how He takes care of His children. Blessings to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Bryon, you continue to be in our prayers. I work with Child Welfare on a regular basis in my job, so I will pray that you get the right combination of people working with you to be able to make this happen. God bless both you and your wife for stepping in and changing a life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bryon,
We are all praying for you down here in Broward. GOD will move in miraculous ways on Tuesday. Nothing is impossible with GOD and remember all things work together for the good!!!! Our GOD is an awesome god He reigns from Heaven above, with wisdom and power.....

Blessings and love,
Sonya & Christopher Milu

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping up with Ali's situation and have alerted Bob to what's going on.
We've been praying for you all!
I started posting again using Wordpress. Can you change your link to please.
Let us know if there is anything that we can do.
Love you man.

Anonymous said...

That massage looks like something that would do me some good! Just someone who's never met you, through the miracle of the web to say we're praying for Ali and your family. Our scripture on Sunday morning today was Matt. 8:5-13, the centurion who told Jesus, "If you just speak a word, it will be done." Lord, speak a word over this child.