Sunday, February 26, 2012

How I create One Frame Devos

One example I set for my kids as they were growing up is regular, daily Bible reading. I wanted my kids to be interested in reading and, more specifically, reading  the Bible. So I made sure that they “caught” me reading it often. I’d be caught red-handed with my Thompson Chain Bible, a notebook, and a pen; my devotional trifecta. I worked a reading program that took me through the Bible every year. I did this every year for ten years.
Then there was a season in my life (one I’m coming out of, it seems) where chaos was the norm. Bible reading during that season was sporadic. The best I could do was read a chapter in Proverbs a day for every day of the month (31 Proverbs in 31 days). The notebook was rarely used. Most of what the Lord showed me in this season of reading worked it’s way into my online writing.
This January, I resolved to read through the Bible in 2012 just like the old days. I want my new little one (Allie) to see me reading my Bible, too. I want her to get used to my voice as I read her scripture. But life is still hectic for me and sitting down to read my Bible and write in a notebook is still difficult. What has helped me keep true to my new resolution is reading through the Bible using the YouVersion app for the iPhone. Much of my note taking happens in the app itself.
Here’s how I take notes when I read through the Bible. If I’m moved to highlight something I’m reading during my quiet time, I write down why the verse stands out. I write down why and how I think the Lord wants me to implement the Biblical principle into my life. And then I pray about it. The Lord uses this activity to prune me.
Sometimes I think these things are private and sometimes I think there are useful nuggets to share. So I’ve been posting quick devotionals online that I’ve created with a handful of iPhone apps. I use:
Here’s how I do it:
  1. I highlight one verse in YouVersion, and copy it into the app’s note pad.
  2. I copy and paste the verse and my note about the verse into iPhone Notes. Next, I take a screen shot.
  3. Then I fire up Instagram and select the screenshot from my photo album and apply the “Early Bird” filter to the image.
  4. I add a couple of hashtags to the post and hit send. From Instagram I publish it to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
Today I had another friend send me a note to ask me where to get the OneFrameDevo app. I had to tell him there isn’t one. But if these little devotionals are useful to you, maybe they’d be useful to a friend. Feel free to copy the images and post them where ever you want. Link back to me or don’t. Whatever. Just make sure you get caught reading your Bible often.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day at Waffle House

I was sad to learn that there are no Waffle Houses in my area accepting reservations for Valentine's Day.
"What?" you ask.
That's right. Participating Waffle Houses are offering a special Valentine's Day event for all lovers in participating areas.
Click here to find out where.

Note: Your wife may not be on board with this idea if you bring it up. You have to make her think it's her idea.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Parenting in the Social Media age

This is a must watch video. All 8 and a half minutes of it. Warning: Rated PG13 for language used in an open letter written from a spoiled teen to her parents. And then Dad responds with shock and awe.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Farming and Ministry

A farm is a living thing. A church is a living thing.

Pastor Damien Kyle pastors in Modesto, California, a community in the middle of California's Central Valley. According to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Central Valley is the breadbasket of world.

Pastor Kyle interviewed the men who work the farms that surround Modesto and discovered why Jesus so often used farming as a parable for ministry.

Kyle delivered this message at the 2012 Calvary Chapel Southeast Pastors' Conference. This message has depth and and is packed with both conviction and application for moving forward intelligently in the ministry God has given you. Give a listen.

time: 52:38