Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Allie said "ma-ma" today. So she's on a roll.


Anonymous said...

what???? no 'nancy come see me' yet??
Love you guys and missing you!

luann said...

Congrats! Before you know it she'll be saying, "Do you have 20 bucks I can borrow, Papa?" :)

Vicki Small said...

"Can I use the car tonight, Papa?"

What a joy that she's beginning to form words!!

jody said...

That is EXCELLENT that she is talking! All of ours said "dada" first too... I think it's easier to say! :) Their little voices are so sweet, aren't they? Caleb still can't say his brother's and sister's names, but Mommy and Daddy are on his list! :)
Wonder what she'll say next?? Bye,bye should be coming soon!