Monday, April 21, 2008

Hi, Grandma

Grandma Ruth is missing me so much. She thinks my Pop-pop is a slacker 'cause he hasn't posted any pictures of me lately.
But Pop-pop has been waiting for just the perfect pictures of me since everything I do is so cute. Pop-pop takes it for granted just how cute I am and probably passes up on some really good pictures that Grandma Ruth would like.
Sometimes Pop-pop needs to be encouraged to put pictures and to write things about me. Sometimes he needs to be nagged. Sometimes you just need to use a little guilt on him. I just bite him.
I have this new stroller. I now have three strollers but I refuse to ride in anything that cost more than twelve dollars. There are starving kids in Africa. All I need is a simple ride.
If you look closely at this picture you'll notice that I'm sporting shoes now. A kid at the park said something to her momma about me going everywhere in socks and ever since that day, Pop-pop has ben putting these shoes on me. Now my feet are less cold and blue.
ali-6So, if you see my Grandma Ruth down in Florida, give her a big hug from me.


Vicki Small said...

Neat pictures, Bryon, thanks. I had been thinking, yesterday, that I hadn't seen any new pic's of Allie recently enough.

A couple of pictures don't seem to have come through, though, at least not on my computer. The one with the new shoes, and probably the second one. Those are where large spaces occur between your comments.

julia said...

Cute! How considerate of Allie to remember the starving children in Africa...

Jody said...

Allie is just the cutest! Grandma Yolando is right... not enough pictures, Pop-Pop!
When the adoption is final, I think you need to celebrate by going to Disney World... yeah, you heard me... World, not Land!! Hmmm... but where would you stay?!
I know of some Mondok fans that would love to have you over, so just say the word any time at all!
Miss ya'll.

okiepreacher said...

You are blessed!