Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm a Mac

Mac: I have a sound, biblical theology

MD: I'm a Calvinist. I don't consider myself a "Five Point" Calvinist. I guess I could be best described as a "Four-and-a-half Point Calvinist"; a Clavinist in boxers not briefs.

Mac: I am not a Calvinist.

MD: but you definitely wear briefs and they're definitely too tight.


Pedro said...

i thought they were both calvinists?

Berny said...

They are.

Bryon, what are you trying to say about these two guys?

Bryon Mondok said...

I don't think MacArthur is a Calvinist. If he is, then there's absolutely NO comedy here...

I'm bugged by this article:

Bryon Mondok said...

Mac holds to some things calvinism and some things dspensational. He also holds to being critical of all things outside the walls of of the "Masters Seminary school of thought" which makes me wonder who is the master of MAsters Seminary.

FeatherIron said...

I wish I knew what the heck ya'll were talking about.

I am not a Mark Driscoll fan.

So you guys are Calvinist? I'm not I don't think, not real sure though, yet, I guess....

Berny said...

Bryon, while MacArthur is a dispensationalist, he also holds to the five basic points of Calvinism.

His editor is Philip Johnson, who blogs at He is also a Calvinist dispensationalist.

They subscribe to the five points in their church statement of faith, I believe.

If you define a Calvinist by the five points, then he's surely a Calvinist.

If you define one by a more comprehensive yardstick, then I'd agree with you that he certainly isn't as "Calvinistic" as others, or even myself for that matter.

BTW, I couldn't click on that link you offered.

Vicki Small said...

I'm not a Calvinist; more Wesleyan. But I've known a whole lot of people who need more eternity in their security...or more security in their eternity. Made a huge difference in my relationship with God when I stopped thinking I was going to go to hell, every time I got mad at someone. It's called Grace, and thank God for it!